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do not forget that flowers
still grow through the mud."
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mother-fricker asked: you know why that white girl is wearing a bindi? its not to deliberately make you furious. its because she thinks that jewel looks nice there! its because she thinks your culture is beautiful and she wants to show how much she appreciates it. there are people who PURPOSELY hate and offend minorities so those are the people we should be tackling not some 18 year old girl going to a music festival


When indian students were getting bashed in Melbourne my mother forced me to stop wearing my hair in two braids down my back because that was seen as stereotypically being an “indian” thing to do and she didnt want me - a 12 year old girl at the time- to get brutally beaten on my way back from school. I couldnt wear my hair a certain way because it could literally put my life in danger.

So when I can go outside with two plaits and other POC can wear bindis and signifiers of their culture and religion without getting harassed, opressed, beaten, or murdered then come talk to me about the ways in which white people can appreciate indian/other cultures


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